The Crow and The Monkey Telugu Story - కాకి మరియు కోతి నీతి కధ 3D Animated Kids Moral Story

Crow and The Monkey Telugu Story

Hey guys we are back with an amazing animals story for you to watch and have fun moral stories in Telugu.

Once there lived a crow in the forest. It is smart and hardworking too but it has one bad habit too. It always gives free advice to all animals for no reason. Because animals don't like crows.  One day there was a cyclone in the forest. So all animals went and hid in their shelters and the crow also came back to its nest. it saw a monkey sitting on a branch of the tree drenching and shivering in rain. It asked the monkey why didn't he go home instead of drenching in rain. Monkey told that it didn't have a home, the tree itself was his home. In response,  the crow told that monkeys are brainless they didn't have the foresight and showed it's well-built nest by saying its family was also safe in it. It pissed off the monkey, so monkey broke the nest.

Moral: No one should give free advice to anyone


 monkey sitting on a branch

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