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The Chicken Thief

Hey guys we are back with an amazing animated short story for you to watch and have fun stories in Telugu.

Jagan, a cloth seller lived in a town along with his mother in a big house. Jagan had so many hens and he looks at them very carefully. One day as usual Jagan put his hens under a basket. Chandu saw this and went to Jagan's house to bring a hen from the basket. The next morning Jagan found this at the same time Jagan's friend Raghu came to meet him and asks what happened Jagan you look very sad. Jagan told the entire story to Raghu, Then Raghu gave an idea to Jagan. Jagan put his dog under the basket as his friend Raghu said. Dog bites Chandu when he came to theft hen and Jagan caught him.
 chicken thief

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