Horse and Funny Monkeys Telugu Story - గుర్రము మరియు అల్లరి కోతులు నీతి కధ

Horse and Funny Monkeys Story

Hey guys we are back with an amazing animals story for you to watch and have fun moral stories in Telugu.

A horse lived in a forest, but all the animals teasing the horse. One day monkeys teasing the horse when he came to the river to drink water. One monkey commented about his tail and walking and laughed all the monkeys. Horse felt very bad and walk away from there and take nap under a tree. One eagle watching this whole story came to horse and said i will support you to teach them a lesson. One fine morning when all monkeys were sleeping, horse and eagle come and tease monkeys. Then Monkeys realized their mistake and asks to forgive the horse.

 horse and monkeys

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