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బంగారు కుల్ఫీ సైకిల్ తెలుగు కథ

Hey guys we are back with an amazing animated short story for you to watch and have fun stories in Telugu.

Raju, a kulfi seller sells kulfi in a Sitara kingdom. He goes to town by cycle to sell kulfis every day. There is a big bell to his cycle's handle. It will start ringing when the cycle moves, so everyone gets to know that Raju has arrived to sell the kulfis. Everyone will come and buy kulfis. There is a king's palace on his way from home to town. Princess likes kulfis and buys kulfi every day from Raju, but Raju uses to give two kulfis to her without money.

 golden kulfi cyce

One day princess is sick and unable to move. When she heard the bell sound she felt bad for not eating kulfi due to her illness.  Since Raju didn't see the princess for a few days,  he decided to go into the palace to know what's going on. He went directly to the king and asked about the princess. King took Raju to the princess and told her health condition. By seeing Raju and kulfi, the princess felt happy and ate it contently. Since she is happy,  her illness also began to cure, and finally, she is hale and healthy. King is so happy by seeing his daughter return to her normal self, so he gifted the Raju with golden cycle and golden pot with golden kulfis in it. Raju conveyed his gratitude for the gift and said he is happy to see the princess healthy.

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